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What is a Traineeship?

Fir Tree Fishery has developed an exciting Traineeship programme for young people aged 16 – 24 who show an interest in Land and Environment and Fishery Management. Our Traineeships is designed for young people who are looking to develop their work skills ready for an Apprenticeship or employment. A Traineeship will last for up to 15 weeks and in this time, learners will study for their BTEC qualifications here at Fir Tree Fishery whilst also completing functional skills in Maths, English and ICT to help prepare for employment.

As part of a Traineeship, trainees will form links with organisations and complete a work placement each week to gain valuable work experience in their chosen sector. This could be with a local fishery, a Garden Centre or a group such as Lancashire Wildlife Trust. 

A Traineeship programme is designed as a stepping stone for young people looking to progress onto a paid Apprenticeships and they are designed as an excellent opportunity for young person to show their skills, commitment and attitude to succeed within a work placement environment. Many of our young learners have now progressed within their work placement organisations onto paid Apprenticeships or an employment role.

Our Traineeship programme is also designed to support learners get ready for the working environment and to help them make the leap from education into employment. As part of the programme we will also incorporate a BTEC Workskills qualification to help develop the skills to make young people employable. This part of the Traineeship will cover the skills needed to secure a job, such as CV writing, preparing for an interview and the practical skills needed once at work such as setting targets, managing your health at work, teamwork and leadership.     

Learners looking to embark on a Traineeship course at Fir Tree Fishery must not be in any other form of education, employment or training.    

Benefits to You, the Work Placement:
  • The opportunity for employers to assess young people without committing to paid employment or an Apprenticeship
  • Traineeships unlock great potential in young people which in turn supports organisations
  • Traineeships receive a lot of publicity Nationally. Placements which are seen supporting and preparing young people for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready’ are actively promoted throughout the borough.
  • Ideal for small businesses who are looking for creative and supportive young people to help them grow, but do not have the capacity to commit to full time employment without an assessment period.
  • Support, monitoring and individually tailored programmes that are designed to help trainees meet the specific needs of the work placement/organisation   
Benefits to You, the learner:
  • A blend of knowledge, work experience and functional skills designed to enable learners to progress rapidly to paid employment or apprenticeships
  • An excellent way to form links with organisations for potential employment
  • What could be better than gaining formal training AND getting hands-on experience. How about gaining a formal qualification, without having to go to University?
  • Ongoing mentoring and coaching throughout the Traineeship.
  • Upon completing a Traineeship, a Trainee gets awarded a formal qualification which is nationally recognised and positions them well for future employment.
Components of a Traineeship:
  • A Work Placement to give the trainee valuable sector experience
  • A Land-based BTEC qualification required to demonstrate achievement of the technical skills combining industry knowledge in the Land-based and Fisheries sector
  • A WorkSkills BTEC qualification to support Employability skills and social and personal skills to support learners enter or re-enter employment.   
  • Functional skills in Mathematics, English and ICT   

Land-Based and Fishery Management Traineeship