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Fir Water

Fir Water is our premier match venue and has been created for anglers with disabilities with the support of a Sport England grant. It is a 40 peg match style canal with a central island fishable at 14.5m. It is heavily stocked with small carp and silvers such as Ide and Chub and is popular for club match bookings.

Nooky Hollow

Although only a small venue, Nooky Hollow can produce nets of over 100lb and is stocked heavily with Carp and Ghost Carp. A small doughnut shape water, Nooky Hollow is a popular venue for pole fishing tactics and up-in-the water fishing.

Spruce Lake

A large open water that is popular with rod and line tactics such as Wagler and Feeder Fishing. Spruce lake is a good mixed water with larger fish such as Mirror Carp and Ghost Carp. A 20 peg venue popular with pleasure anglers of all abilities, Spruce Lake is also floodlit throughout the darker winter months.

Bensons Creek

Bensons Creek is a small sheltered 10 peg water with an emphasis on silver fish angling. It is popular with anglers in the winter months when Carp are hard to come by. A brilliant pole venue with specimen Roach of up to 1.5lb.

Pine Lodge

Pine Lodge is a small specimen pool with an emphasis on big Tench fishing. Very popular with regular anglers in the summer moths, the water contains Tench of up to 6lb.