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Fishery Rules

Fir Tree Fishery operates a card system. A red card is deemed a bannable offence, whilst a yellow card is a warning. Please note that two yellow cards become a red!

A landing net must be used to land all fish! Anyone seen swinging fish to hand will be given a warning!

Sensible pole elastics please! This is a virgin match water so you shouldn’t need heavy elastics!

We ask that anglers keep mobile phones on silent or vibrate when fishing!

All loose feed pellets must be bought from Fir Tree Fishery! You can use your own expanda pellets and paste as a hook bait only!

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times or be part of an organised event with Fir Tree Fishery Angling Coaches/staff supervising at all times.

No nuts, boilies, beans, dog or cat food!

All fish remain the property of Fir Tree Fishery and the removal of fish is deemed theft and will result in a police matter! The introduction of fish to the lake is also prohibited!

No bite alarms, bivies, pods, braid and general specimen carp fishing methods! This is a match water and not a specimen carp lake!

Please lower fish back into the water (or keep nets during match events) with care and respect. We encourage good practice such as using a landing net to lower fish back into the water.

‘Bullying of fish’ and ‘yank and bank’ tactics are not welcomed at this fishery and anyone found to be doing so will be given a warning!

We ask anglers place no more than 75lb of fish per keep net! Please use a second net if you feel you might exceed this amount. Extra nets can be provided by the fishery.

No fixed weights or fixed feeders including elasticated method feeders. All ledgered weights and feeders are to be free running on the mainline. No floating pole methods or self-hooking techniques to be used!

Do not roll fish down the keep net when weighing in! All keep nets have pull handles to draw the lower rings up through the upper ones for ease of fish removal!

No surface baits such as floating bread or dog biscuits!

All rods and poles must be attended at all times!

All fish to be unhooked in a landing net and held away from the ground. We do not want to see fish flapping around on the hard stone surfaces!

All litter to be taken away or placed in the bins provided! Anyone found to have left litter on the pegs or paths will be given a warning!

Barbless hooks only.

Fir Tree Fishery will provide clubs with scales, a weigh sling, tripod and unhooking mat to weigh fish in. Do not use your own!

No ground bait in any form! This includes liquidised bread, method mixes or particle mixes!

Dogs are not allowed on site unless they are guide dogs for the blind or hearing dogs for the deaf!

Keep nets and landing nets must be placed on the bank side/paths and in direct contact with sunlight prior to fishing! The UV light kills any harmful parasites or bugs that might be living on damp nets and in stink bags!