Pleasure Fishing

Fir Tree Fishery has five waters all with different species of fish suitable for anglers of all abilities. All our the lakes are available for pleasure fishing throughout the year. The standard day ticket rate of £7 applies with consessions available for juniors, anglers with disabilities and seniors for just £5 each day. Our opening hours are between 6am and 9pm.

For full details about our different waters please click on the link:

Match Fishing and Club Bookings

Both Fir Water and Nooky Hollow are available for club match bookings throughtout the year. For larger clubs, Fir Water is available as a venue for upto 40 anglers, or two smaller sections of 20 pegs. Nooky Hollow is ideal for smaller clubs with 15 or less anglers.

For full details about availability or to book a match online please contact us on 01257 251502.

Fishery Rules

The following rules are designed to protect the fishery and it’s wildlife and to encourage good angling practice.

For full details about our rules please click on the link: